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burlesque performer

As a physical theater artist as well as a blues and swing dancer, please follow this WEBSITE.



Inspired by Mucha's dreams, Lynch's strangeness and Baudelaire's verses, an intimate and obscure show, all in poetry and softness with a jazzy touch.

On a Russian waltz, Madmoiselle Polichinelle, in a big snowflake, revives the magic of old times.
Like a toy of yesteryear, every part of her body comes to life with great mischief. Until liberated, intoxicated with new freedom.

It is a human being full of mischief, filled with crazy fantasy, and colored with a communicating joy, which enters the scene for a detonating show where poetry and fun are mixed.
The sweetness of Madmoiselle Polichinelle's feathers rubs, with defiance, at the sharpened nails of the fakir board ... unless the public, accomplice of his performance, finally takes part with some feats!
A Jewel case full of surprises!


A fanciful poetry where the elegance and the Franco-Greek-Russian charm are mixed!

la nuit l (Copier)


The shows of this burlesque traveler intertwine subtly humor, extravagance and refinement. Above all actress and performer, Madmoiselle Polichinelle draws characters. Inspired by the work of painters, filmmakers, writers, she draws crazy aesthetics to which is added her own sensitivity in the art inspiration of the Belle Epoque, the twenties, the 1900, the Art Nouveau, as much as in the mute and burlesque movies or the excessive cinema of Frederico Fellini.

People said that she is extremely graceful, that she is a beauty of another time, and really surprising. She knows how to impress by her numbers that she reworks ever more carefully, as well as by her creativity, also - for special requests for private events.

Madmoiselle Polichinelle


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